Education Experts

Over the last 20+ years I have been on both sides of education. I have seen and felt what it was like to be a regular main stream educator dealing with special education plan, special education students and their specialized teachers. I have also been on the special education side trying to get regular education […]

The prevailing view of the authors

The prevailing view of the authors of the time period was that one should submit to misfortunes, both as a form of obedience to God’s will, and because these seeming misfortunes are ultimately intended for one’s own good. Progress for our people who have disabilities was hard to come by at this time with this […]

Special educators

Teach students who have physical, cognitive, language, learning, sensory, and/or emotional abilities that deviate from those of the general population. Special teachers provide training specifically tailored to meet individualized needs. These educators basically make education more available and accessible to students who otherwise would have limited access to education due to whatever disability they are […]


Perhaps the largest and most pervasive issue in special education, as well as my own journey in education, is special education’s relationship to general education. History has shown that this has never been an easy clear cut relationship between the two. There has been a lot of giving and taking or maybe I should say […]